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Move out & Move in Cleaning in Northern, New Jersey

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Moving into your new home is a much more memorable experience with complete move in and move out cleaning services from our professionals based in East Orange, New Jersey. Move Out-Move In Cleaners alleviates your moving-related stress by doing everything needed to clean your home. You can focus on packing and moving in an appropriate time with our concierge cleaning services.

Move in Cleaning

We want you to be greeted by a fresh aroma of cleanliness, and so we provide total cleaning services before you move into your new home.

We clean stoves, microwaves, cupboards, and closets, and can shampoo and repair carpets for an additional cost. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide a time-stamped picture of the property's condition before starting and upon completing the job. This stamp verifies the time, breakage, and damage. If you have Internet access, we provide you with a picture of the person who will be cleaning your home prior to his or her arrival.

Furthermore, upon arrival into your new place, you will find our bag or basket of helpful items.

Kitchen Gift Bags Include:


Kitchen Gift Bag - Move in Cleaning, Move out Cleaning
• List of the Area's Restaurants for Takeout
• List of Services such as Numbers for the Police & Hospitals
• Paper Towels
• Garbage Bags
• Hand Soap
• Plates & Cups
• Forks & Spoons
• Knives
• Specific Area Information*  
such as Health Food Stores & Animal Hospitals
*By Request

Welcome Letter Kitchen


Your Personal Googler™

Before you move to a new area, get to know it in detail with our help. We provide you with any specific information you request about animal hospitals, vegetarian restaurants, and other services or locations.

Bathroom Gift  Bags

As you are getting settled in, look in your bathroom for our gift basket. It includes everything you and your family members need for a hot shower and a good start to the process of unpacking the next day.

Bathroom Gift Bags Includes:


Bathroom Gift Bag - Move in Cleaning, Move out Cleaning
• Toothpaste
• Toothbrushes
• Washcloths
• Towels
• Mouthwash
• Roll of toliet paper
• Soap
• Body Wash
• Vinyl Shower Curtin



Welcome Letter Bathroom


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